Introduction to r.Bau

r.Bau ltd is a company specialising in continental construction techniques. It was set up with the aim of introducing, promoting and integrating modern methods of construction (MMC) into the United Kingdom. After over 12 years of experience of work in the continent, we believe that MMC using products and systems, which rapidly increases the speed, variety, quality, sound and thermal insulation characteristics etc and reduces time and labour and hence costs is the way forward for construction in today’s market. Further the demands of health and safety regulations and environmental legislation will make MMC the preferred construction technique in the coming years. We have over the past three years cemented the scaffolding and brick/block work divisions of the company undertaken and completed many contracts for system scaffolding and thin joint construction. With the training programmes in progress we hope to set up the plastering division later this year. We are currently in partnership with various local authorities and further education colleges to provide training in various aspects of MMC, with the collaboration of leading manufacturers. We also provide consultation services to the local bodies and institutions and companies on MMC and are on the training boards of both Sunderland and Newcastle councils. We are also experts in providing for provisions of NAPP (new approach to public procurement) policies, which help major contractors to get public funded contracts.

Management team

Paul Webster, managing director

Paul started his working career with an HNC in naval architecture, but with the collapse of shipyards in the northeast, moved into construction since both his father and his brother were building contractors. Specialising in traditional construction he worked for major building contractors in the north east, being in charge of many prestigious construction projects including the Morrison store in Darlington, land of prince bishop development in the centre of Durham city, chapel Garth special needs school in Sunderland etc. He however cut his teeth in project management while working in Germany and Holland for 12 years and managing projects in excess of £3.0million.

Praveen Varma, general manager

Praveen is a graduate engineer who completed his bachelor of technology degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Kerala, India. During the course of his studies he has also completed courses in project management, building drawings, estimation and strength of materials. Praveen took on the job of site manager for r.Bau in 2002. Under the guidance of Paul Webster and taking various short courses in finance and construction management Praveen is today responsible for all financial and procedural matters relating to r.Bau, while helping Paul Webster carry out the day to day operations of the company.